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"e-StoreOperations" (ASP E-Commerce Program)

“e-StoreOperations” is an active server pages software for running professional web stores, seamlessly integrated with the rest of your web site. This advanced cart program is consists of web store and back office for management functions.

“e-StoreOperations” can be integrated with Microsoft Retail Management System-Store Operations as total in-store and web-store solutions combined. You can down load web orders from the cart program to RMS Store Operations and also upload items from RMS Store Operations to your web store.

POS Unlimited has developed and been managing many e-commerce sites using “e-StoreOperations” for the past years. Please contact us for more information.

Standard Features
. Blank Database available to start from scratch
. Full source code included
. Compatible with Windows and Linux Servers (with Chilisoft and mySQL)
. Database configuration settings
. Cookies Detection for Client Browsers
. Unlimited product options with price variations (size, color, etc) per product
. Hot Deals Listing and Real Time Header Cart Contents
. Cart structure based on database tables (better performance in server)
. Basic and advanced search engine included
. Dynamic Home with products taken from database
. Popularity chart in home
. Open/Close store setting (enable/disable checkout)
. Add to cart from listing
. Sensitive data encrypted in database and important querystrings
. Sell digital in order to distribute serials, download links, passwords, etc
. Unlimited products and category levels (category, subcategory, sub-sub-category, etc)
. Categories thumbnail images
. One product can be assigned to several categories
. Category navigator (you are at ...)
. Some products can be prevented from displaying in listings (List Hidden feature)
. Wish List in customers menu
. Out of stock Supplier alerts in Real Time
. Detailed Stock Tracking
. Full Customer Utilities menu with Modify Personal Data option
. Multiple customer types
. Customer registration form pre-purchase or automatic registration with first purchase
. Customer Order Tracking with order status view
. Profiling (recognize customers when they return)
. Minimum purchase setting (customers must purchase more than $XX,XX to checkout)
. Retail and wholesale prices
. Special Prices for certain customers
. Out of Stock Messages
. Unlimited different types of shipping calculations based on formulas (state, weight, total, etc)
. Billing and/or shipment address
. Auto-Change order status, stock and sales with Gateway Confirmation or manual signal
. Advanced Tax policies including tax per product and tax per City/ZipCountry
. Order confirmation by e-mail to customer and store administrator
. HTML outbound e-mails to customers
. Listing with small image thumbnails
. Dynamic store news
. General Conditions page
. International Support (Currency and StoreFront Language)
. Real Multilanguage (Menu, product description, variations, categories and search)
. Language switching - Change store language while the shop is running
. Import data from other systems using Free Tools and Diagnostics
. Quantity/Price/Weight based discounts
. Affiliates per order feature with configurable commisions
. Gift Certificates (using discount codes)
. Unique troubleshoots server-side problems
. Availability Time Estimation
. WAP Catalog utility for Cell Phones and PDAs
. Multiple e-mail components predefined (Jmail, ASPMail, Persits ASPMail, CDonts, OCXMail, etc)
. BackOffice Lite Control Panel with most popular functions
. Invoice delivery at payment confirmation with Silent Response (, PayPal, 2Checkout, etc)

Premium Packs
. Fast and reliable BackOffice with source code included
. Add/modify products to the catalog and change settings while the store is running
. Real Time UPS shipping calculation (now with no external components needed)
. Real Time United States Postal Service (USPS) shipping calculation (now with no external components needed)
. Related Products (Cross Selling)
. Email to a friend
. Product Reviews package with review rate and autoactivate or moderated mode
. Auction subsystem for the product catalog
. WAP Storefront (Browse, Purchase and Tracking) for Mobile Phones and PDA now with credit card payments
. Fraud Prevention (block or alert about suspicious orders before reaching payment gateway)
. Off Line Payment with encryption and email notification for Credit Card capture
. Real Time Best Sellers listing
. Newsletter with auto-remove and the chance to win discount codes
. Dynamic Price List with Print feature
. Unique Software Serial Codes maker and distribution
. One Step Checkout
. Recurring Billing
. What's new showing new products
. Currency Conversion (online and offline methods)
. Digital Goods Private Download from Customer Menu

BackOffice (admin tool)
. Full source code included
. Multi User with different permission levels
. Each BackOffice User may have different views and permissions
. Friendly BackOffice Home Page with shortcuts and notices
. Last Login information for security purposes
. Wysiwyg HTML Editor for products descriptions
. Out of stock Listing
. Browser based file upload 100% developed in Vbscript
. Reset database utility (sales and customers, whole products database, etc)
. Generic SQL Querys utility
. Store Newsletter distribution
. Reviews moderator utility
. Enable, disable or delete customers
. Encryption and Decryption Utility
. Orders Roll-Back (stock, sales, etc)
. Export to Microsoft Excel: Products, Customers and sales
. Export to QuickBooks (in Beta Phase): Customers and Invoices
. Export orders to CSV
. Reports and charts (stocks, sales, statistics, etc)
. List orders with direct access to remote SSL credit card data (off-line payment methods)
. Suppliers private login with listing of their sales
. Optional package to use one BackOffice for several stores available
. Links generator (products, categories, cart, etc)
. Email Invoice delivery and digital goods distribution with Order Status change
. Update orders with Shipping Tracking and Transaction Results
. WAP BackOffice to manage some parts and view reports using a Cell Phone

. Reliable database functions and connections for Access, SQL Server and mySQL
. MS-Access database included
. Microsoft SQL Server Scripts available with Power Packs
. MySQL Server Scripts available with Power Packs
. Multiple database connections included
. Full generic ANSI-SQL queries (supported by all database like SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix, etc)
. Database error trapping with e-mail notifications
. Generic SQL Query utility included in BackOffice
. Clean Access database in order to start from scratch

Payment Methods
. A gateway is not required. You can use off-line payment methods like Bank Deposit, checks, etc
. Support for SSL and external payment form on a different server
. Off Line Credit Card Payment with CC number and expiration validation (Included in Standard Distribution!)
. PayPal including IPN (instant payment notification) supported (Included in Standard Distribution!)
. SIM and AIM (credit cards and e-checks) with Silent Response 3.1 (IB POS is listed as certified cart)
. PayByCheck
. 2CheckOut with Return Script including MD5 Hash
. WorldPay Junior Method including CallBack Response
. LinkPoint (Basic and COM beta)
. UsaEPay (Client and API)
. IntelliPay including Silent Response
. SecurePay
. CyberCash QuickPay
. VeriSign PayFlowLink including Silent Response and PayFlowPro beta new!
. Ka-Chingg
. GoEMerchant
. RoboCharge
. QuickCommercePro
. Yahoo PayDirect
. PSIGate Gateway with Silent Response
. Transaction Central
. SecureTrading
. Protx
. IonGate
. SecPay including CallBack Response
. EFTSecure
. Military Star Card * private solution through a third-party company
. White Label
. Bank Of America Bamart
. PlugNPay
. SkipJack
. Wells Fargo credit cards and e-checks with Silent Response 3.1
. BeanStream (Client and SOAP)
. Moneris Direct Post

Note 1: if you need to use a non-listed payment gateway please contact us and we will try to make the integration script in the next release of Power Packs

Note 2: Silent Response, Call Back, IPN and Response Scripts are methods provided by the Payment Gateways in order to notify the Shopping Cart that the payment was accepted. With that signal IB POS is able to update stock, sales, authorization codes and to deliver digital goods in real time.

Shipping Methods
. Unlimited Static Rules to define shipping quote per zip, city, state, country, weight, cart total and/or quantity
. Real Time UPS for US and International
. Real Time USPS for US
. Real Time Fedex (soon available)

. Encryption for sensitive data using a RC4
. Support for SSL in all levels including external SSL payment form on a different server
. Security Advice included in documentation
. Detailed Stock Tracking with all movements
. Optional Fraud Prevention Package with Keyword blocking
. Ability to disable e-mails in customer registration
. Ability to delete or mark as non-active for already registered customers
. Orders Roll Back with stock and sales consolidation
. Encryption for important fields in FORM POST signals
. Multiple levels of security in BackOffice administration
. Last Login control in BackOffice Gold
. HTML/Script injection attack verification in messages screen
. Function to Reset all customers password in one step using BackOffice+
. Database is opened in read only method to avoid DB hacks while browsing

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