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Salon Appointment Module for Microsoft Retail Management System Store Operations
SAM Product Data Brochure

SAM, the Salon Appointment Module, was specifically made for the salon/retail industry. It is designed as an add-on to Microsoft Retail Management Systems Store Operations to provide salon appointment scheduling functions to RMS.

With SAM you can make/modify customer appointment schedules and manage stylist working schedules as well as viewing reports for stylists working schedules. SAM converts customer appointment schedules into work orders in RMS Store Operations automatically when each service is completed.

As an integrated add-on for MS RMS Store Operations, SAM makes MS RMS a more powerful and dedicated software solution for salons and retail businesses.

The main features are:

-Making & managing service appointments

SAM allows you to make appointments from present day to the next 30 days. When you set up an appointment many options suchas time, services, and stylist in which they prefer are offered.

-Display customer’s sales histories and pre-defined preferences

When adding new customers, you will see the screen on the top with customer information as, account number, customer name, 3 preferences, total number of visits, total sales, last visit, and last services according to the dates.

-Modifying or updating appointment status

You can adjust the status of any current or future appointments, for example "Complete"; "Arrived"; and "In Service", as well as canceling one.

-Viewing store wide appointment schedules-Current, Past, and Future schedules

The main schedule that will be shown is the appointment schedules set for that current day, which refreshes every 30 seconds. Viewing past and future appointments and work schedules for stylists are accessible with exact dates, times, and customer information.

-Setting up salon hours and available service hours

You can set up open to close salon hours and services start to end hours in SAM Manager. Also, setting up stylist break and/or lunch times is available to avoid collision with the appointments.

-Synchronize service items from RMS

You can synchronize service items from RMS to SAM by entering them as categories in Microsoft Retail Management Systems. After you type the category codes in SAM, Microsoft RMS will automatically establish it into SAM the appointment module as service items.

-Setting up service item time durations

Setting up time durations for each service is available in SAM the appointment module. After synchronizing the services the default time for those services will be 15 minutes, you can then change the time durations to better suit your salon.

-Synchronize stylists from RMS

When you add stylists as sales representatives in Microsoft Retail Management Systems it automatically converts them into non-stylists in SAM. From there you can change every stylist settings and properties.

-Setting up stylist properties

After synchronizing sales reps to stylists you may change the status on each stylist as "Stylist" or "Non-Stylist". You can also set the stylists as "Active" for active stylists or "Non-Active" for receptionist or cashiers. Passwords for clocking in/out are also created in stylist properties.

-Managing stylist working schedule

Modifying and making stylist working schedules such as break times and available hours are offered in SAM Manager. This way other stylists, managers, and whoever is setting the appointment will be aware of the vacant times for each stylist.

-SAM creates work orders automatically into RMS when services are completed

When an appointment status is modified to "Completed" in SAM it generates as a work order automatically into Microsoft RMS.

System Requirement for SAM

  Server Side
      Operating System:Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Window Server 2000 or 2003 (SAM is a web base program written in Active Server Pages so it requires IIS (Internet Information Services) at the server side.
      RAM:256 MB
  Client Side(POS Stations)
      Operating System: Windows XP Home, Window XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, Internet Explore 6.0 or newer
      RAM:256 MB

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